An Individual program includes different training areas: aerobics, strength, balance, tension, and etc. It is very important to choose the right ratio among these training areas.


The maximum results are achieved without using unnecessary body resources. If correctly designed, an individual program will help you to achieve the optimal effect in the shortest period of time. It will require less energy and physical effort. Individual training program is made for a particular period (8–12 weeks).


Individual program can be divided into 10 groups:

1) The general muscle tone up (weight maintenance);

2) General endurance;

3) Overweight reduction;

4) Muscle mass growth;

5) Stress regulation;

6) The maximum increase of strength and power;

7) Teenagers;

8) Senior;

9) Pregnancy;

10) Rehabilitation after injuries.


This program is made according to every individual’s health assessment questionnaire data. Before setting a program, the trainer or instructor gets familiar with the person’s goals, assesses all risk factors, decides what time is needed for health improvement, draws up a table for recommended work out load per week (micro cycle). In order to get a positive physiological change during the work out, training must be consistent, i.e. gradually increasing the load, making specific exercises. Appropriate training frequency, optimal work out intensity and sufficient exercise duration are required in order to achieve a maximum result. All of this must be included into an individual program.


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