A personal trainer can train you not only in sports and health clubs, but also in a stadium, park or your home.


A personal training consists of:
• consulting on the strengthening health issues; 
• personal training program; 
• training under the trainer supervision; 
• technical training of individual exercises; 
• nutrition and dietary supplements recommendations; 
• trainer’s (partner’s) Assistant service.


The main advantage of a personal training is that a trainer works with you individually, and this greatly increases the effectiveness of the training. You will learn technique of individual exercises with your personal trainer very quickly.


To reach efficiency more effective and fitted for you exercise program will be selected after a few individual exercises. A personal trainer will be watching appropriate health indicators repeatedly for increasing the effectiveness of further training.


Nutrition, food supplements recommendations and knowledge of health strengthening will allow you to implement the perfect program of health strengthening and maintenance. In order to reach positive and maximum results and to spend less time for training, you will be able to choose a personal trainer as a personal assistant.


To order a personal training, call tel. +370 610 23 144 (Lithuania) or e-mail info@rbimba.lt


"A personal trainer is a Teacher. My duty is to provide you with the knowledge about healthy lifestyle and to teach you to exercise in a safe way."

Remigijus Bimba
Your personal trainer